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Stuck in the Wrong Career or Job? Wondering about Coaching?

career success directionARE YOU READY TO…

  • Stop drifting and start choosing your future?
  • End the confusion and worry?
  • Use your talents to make a difference?
  • Overcome self-doubts and lack of confidence?
  • Get on the right career path?
  • Start a smart job search?
  • Build your brand and land your ideal job?

Stop wasting time and start taking the right steps to a fulfilling career. Learn how a structured, creative process with Career Coach Leonard Lang can wake up your passions and change your life. 

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Creative Career Coaching may be right for you if any of these situations describe you:

  • Know you’re not doing what you love and not reaching your potential
  • Feel boxed into a too-small role
  • Feel overwhelmed or stressed out at work
  • Have almost given up hope that things can change
  • Feel ignored or unappreciated
  • Want something that gives you a sense of meaning and satisfaction
  • Know what you want but don’t know how to get it
  • Ready for something bigger and better

If you’re looking for career change or help with a savvy job search and interview plan that works, I can help you with my one-to-one, personal coaching, including my 4-part Lifework Coaching Program. Click here to learn more.

Don’t lose out on salary you could be earning or time that could be better spent than more job search: A survey by the world’s largest staffing solutions agency, Adecco North America Group concluded that having a coach reduced unemployment time by 15% – 46%. In dollar figures, that comes out to between $2850 and $8740 in wages recouped, not to mention benefits.


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Leonard Lang

Beard Avenue career coach Leonard Lang, Ph.D.

I’m Leonard Lang, PhD, founder of Beard Avenue and author of the self-coaching book, Guide to Lifework: Working with Integrity and Heart. Through original group programs, motivational talks, and one-on-one coaching, I’ve helped thousands of people get unstuck and move forward with their career dreams and a more creative way to live their work lives.

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You can also let me know what’s on your mind by writing me directly. I’ll personally get back to you.

I’m in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, but I coach people around the nation through video (Skype, Google Hangouts) or phone. Clients have been in New York, Washington, Texas, Iowa, and Pennsylvania, as well as Minnesota.

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When it comes to Leonard’s work, I’ve discovered from first-hand experience that you can count on one simple fact–Leonard will bring a fun, creative approach and remarkable insight to every individual, group, or situation that he meets.- Karen Boileau, M.Ed., Heart & Soul Life Coaching, Writer, Educator

Physicians and health care organizations, please note–

We have a special website just for you, devoted entirely to our physician coaching services–including case histories, references, and articles on how physician coaching works and the results it can get for you or your staff. Please go to our Physician Coaching site for more information