Coaching Quiz

Is Career Coaching Right for You?

To help you find out, here’s a quick quiz that covers the basics:

1.    How often are you energized when you wake up and eager to get on with the work day?

a.    Every day or almost every day
b.    Sometimes
c.    Never or almost never

2.    How clear a vision do you have of where you are going in your work life, what you want to be doing, learning, experiencing?

a.    Very clear sense of where I’m going
b.    Some sense but could be clearer
c.    Not clear at all

3.    How close is your current job to your ideal job?

a.    Very close
b.    Somewhat close
c.    Not at all close

4.    How much of a meaningful contribution do you feel you are making to others in your current career and job?

a.    Big contribution overall
b.    Some contribution
c.    Not much or no contribution (or negative impact)

5.    How balanced is your life among work, family, friends, hobbies, etc?

a.    Extremely balanced
b.    Somewhat balanced
c.    Out of balance

6. How much stress do you feel you are under from or at work?

a.    Just enough to keep me on my toes and challenged
b.    Sometimes too much, sometimes OK—overall quite manageable
c.    Way too much—I’m freaking out

7.  If you had the opportunity to have any job you want…

a.    That job would be what I’m doing now
b.    That job would be a higher level of what I’m doing now with better pay
c.    That job would be completely different

This little test is just a basic barometer to have you think about the key elements of a happy and fulfilling work life vs. a stressful and unfulfilling one.  What it can do is give you some things to think about.  With that in mind, here’s how to score it:

Give yourself a 3 for every A answer, a 2 for every b answer and a 1 for every c answer.

  • If you scored 18—21—congratulations.  Some people doing this well want help with long term planning for a career change or retirement, but your current situation is exceptionally bright.
  • If you scored 15—18—you might use a little help, but are doing all right
  • If you scored 11—15, you are getting by but you most likely can do a lot better and would benefit from coaching or your own planning for a better job and career situation
  • If you scored 10 or less—you need to examine what’s going on in detail and start planning changes relating to any “c” answers.

Ready for coaching?

Now that you know whether it is important for you to make a change, you can answer the following questions to see if you are READY for coaching:

1.    Do you know what you want out of coaching?

2.    Do you have time to work on whatever you want to accomplish?

3.    Do you want to work one on one with a coach?

4.    Are you willing to think in new ways and challenge old habits and assumptions?

5.    Are you willing to be held accountable for accomplishing goals you set for yourself?

6.    On a scale of 1—10, how would you rate your commitment to change in your work life?

If you can rate your commitment 8, 9, or 10, and answer yes to the five other questions you are probably ready for coaching.  If not examine what it would take to change your answers, as these are all questions about things you can change in your life.

Take the Next Step

To find out more and receive an in-depth coaching evaluation session that will help you think more deeply about what you want to do (no obligation), email Leonard Lang at or call 612-925-5478.

Still Not Sure? See If You Can You Pass This Test

Are you thinking about getting someone in your corner to help you?  Are you thinking about coaching, but still figuring you can get unstuck by yourself?

GREAT!  My goal is for you to succeed in whatever way works best for you.  Don’t procrastinate just because you’re on your own with your career decisions. Instead, just do me one favor—set yourself at least one basic goal that will move you forward and see if you accomplish by a date you yourself set for yourself.

Then if you succeed—go out and celebrate and know that I congratulate you for standing out from the pack and getting yourself from unstuck to stuck about your career in a timely manner. But if your goal deadline comes and goes…or you know now you don’t have a clear goal or won’t make that deadline, I hope you’ll do something fresh to move forward.

At that point, why not give me a call at 612-925-5478 or email me to find out how we can be a coaching team that gets you unstuck, excited, motivated and clear about what to do and how to do it to satisfy your career dreams.