Executive Coaching

Stop Wondering If…Create the Life You Deserve: Hire Your Own Executive Coach

  • Upgrade your leadership skills
  • Unleash your creative passions
  • Map your own path to a more meaningful and challenging career
  • Work one-on-one with Leonard Lang, Ph.D.

For yourself, for your organization’s leaders, for your team or group

I offer a thorough coaching system that integrates qualitative and quantitative assessment with customized coaching and training.  

Group Leadership Skills such as how to:

  • Build consensus and reach agreements in an amicable and effective manner
  • Deal with conflict and make it constructive
  • Facilitate productive meetings and determine with a group how decisions are made, by whom, and when
  • Develop a vision that gets group buy-in and support

Skills for Dealing with People One on One such as how to:

  • Deal with difficult people and situations, minimizing confusion, anxiety and stress
  • Solve problems creatively with others for new solutions that are positive, inclusive, and practical
  • Develop effective long-term workplace relationships
  • Engage others in the organization

Personal Skills such as how to:

  • Develop and use an “emotional emergency toolkit”
  • Handle the added stress of executive duties

How It Works–Summary of the Executive Coaching Process

  • Initial meeting:  Seeing if this is a good match and everyone understands and is committed to discovery and change as needed.  Basic agreements are established with the organization (if they are the ones hiring) and the executive.
  • Assessments:  Defining the problem with 360 feedback assessment forms and one-on-one confidential interviews with colleagues and staff members
  • Coaching sessions:  First session establishes ground rules, defines initial goals, and is a chance for the client to fully express his or her concerns, needs, and expectations.  After that, individual, customized coaching sessions are weekly or biweekly for 60 to 90 minutes over a 4 to 6 month period in most cases.   Sessions include discussions, questions, training, role play, and other creative activities to make sure the client gains new insight and can begin to practice new behaviors and processes, and receive feedback about results.
  • Customized training:  In leadership, communication and problem-solving as needed during the weekly coaching sessions.
  • Between session practice:  No coaching or training will have lasting impact unless the client gets a chance to test out, practice, and implement new ways to act and succeed.
  • Reports: Confidentiality is essential to an honest and forthright coaching process.  At the same time, if an organization is hiring us to coach one of its executives or managers, then a progress report (that doesn’t divulge specific conversations or opinions) is necessary and provided to determine success and next steps as needed.                                                 
  • Followup:  360 evaluation and a wrap up coaching session to determine next steps, generally 90 days after the conclusion of coaching.

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