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Get Unstuck–Your Coaching Choices

Career Coach Leonard Lang

Why lose any more precious time suffering at work that’s not right for you?

If you’re looking for a career that’s meaningful and fulfilling, bringing your talents and passions out into the world, I can help at every step of the journey with creative and structured coaching support.

Which step are you on now? Choose the coaching support you need. I can help with:

Get unstuck and get beyond tedious career tests that compare you to thousands of other people and then advise you to be something you’re not interested in doing. Instead,work with my easy, creative Lifework Choice System to determine which career is best for you and what you love and value and find meaningful. Then start taking steps to make it real. Typically, clients go from conflicted and confused to a clear vision and basic plan in just 6 sessions. How would that change your life?

Do you already know your career goal but are confused about what steps to take next, or how to stay on track? Then it may be time for Action Plan Coaching

  • Action Plan Coaching–Devise a complete plan that gets you to your career goal as effectively as possible using the latest research about what works and what doesn’t when you have a long-term goal to achieve. 

Do you already have a clear plan, but aren’t sure how to handle the job search and interview portion of the plan? Then it’s time to learn smart networking and branding with job search and job interview coaching.

  • Get Hired Now! Job Search and Job Interview Coaching–Learn networking the natural way. Make yourself into a memorable and desirable brand. Every part of your job search should work together with the same strong story about you and your value to an employer (your brand).  Learn the secrets to creating that powerful, authentic story and really connecting with your interviewer instead of just giving stale answers. Know your personal brand.



  1. Start getting results now! No 6-month commitments with vague goals or lack of clear structure or creative tools.  Most clients can go from confusion and feeling overwhelmed to clarity about their career path in just 6 sessions.
  2. No assessment tests, no personality categories to box you in. No cookie cutter ideas.
  3. A customized coaching process using my proven 4-part system, working with your specific goals and dreams and discovering what might be holding you back.
  4. Move beyond stale thinking patterns or assumptions that are keeping you stuck. Deal with blind spots and repetitious limiting thoughts.
  5. Discounts for coaching packages 



 I don’t want you to pay anything. …..I mean it…don’t pay unless you’re sure this is for you. And I’m happy to take all the up-front risk so you have none. That’s why I have this guarantee:

Money-back Guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

My Personal 100% Money-Back Guarantee:
After you’ve experienced the free consultation call AND a full 60–75 minute coaching session, whether you’ve signed up for 12 sessions, 6 or just 1,
 if you decide this is not right for you–for ANY reason–you receive all of your money back. Yep–you wind up paying nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Why? Because to get the big successes you want and you’ll see explained in so many reviews on this site and all across the web, I need us both to be fully on board and to feel this is a great match. Taking your money and muddling on will just not work. 

Leonard helped me navigate through some tough career choices to determine what really mattered to me. He also helped me work through political and communication issues at work. Now I’m in exactly the right job and career, and I have a long-range vision for where I’m headed. I’d strongly recommend him to anyone struggling with a career or job decision.
-J.P., Sales Director, Minnesota

Thanks again for the coaching help, Leonard. Your strategies definitely help me stay unstuck. .. Every time I work with these tools I feel a new surge of positive energy and start to move forward.
-Jillian Lay

Leonard provided excellent advice all the way through my career change, from refining my resume and setting up informational interviews to negotiating offers. I highly recommend Leonard’s career coaching.
-Petrina, Energy Efficiency Professional, Portland


3 Ways to Schedule Your Free Consultation:

  • Call: (612)-925-5478. 
  • Book your own consultation:  If you can schedule a lunch hour or after work time, schedule your own session with the Book Now button at the top of this page.  You’ll be clicking through a few quick screens before you reach the calendar for Beard Avenue. 

1. Career Decision Coaching

boxed in by your job?Relish that feeling of dread Monday mornings?

Like feeling stifled, your passions and talents underused?

Unconcerned about where 1/3 of your life is going?

Thrive on job stress?

I didn’t think so. So why not get moving to a much better work life… before that next Monday arrives?

Wake up your hope! Get focused, get unstuck, get a plan — and get moving toward the fulfilling and meaningful work life you really want.

Discover your authentic career vision. Use a fun, engaging, and uniquely creative approach to develop your career based on your key passions, values, and talents. If not now, when?

You are a good candidate for Lifework Coaching if:

  • You feel stuck about what to do to improve your work life and are eager to get unstuck.
  • Your work is burning you out, boring you, or depressing you and you’ve had enough.
  • You’re not sure where you are headed in your career and are ready to get some clarity and direction.
  • You lack a plan to reach your career goals and would like someone to help you devise it AND stick with it
  • You’re confused about whether you just need a new boss, a new job, or a whole new career and want to be sure about what to do before making any big change. 

Click here to learn how Lifework Coaching can specifically help you get unstuck.

2. Action Plan Coaching

OK, so you don’t need or already benefited from lifework coaching and have a goal in mind for your career. Now you have to do the nitty-gritty work of putting together a plan. You have to figure out HOW to make your dream career come true.

Maybe you find you need help organizing and determining the steps and timelines that will make that plan to make the career real?

Or you need help separating out the important from the time-wasting steps you might take to help your career?

Or you want to figure out how to break through stuck thinking regarding what you can do today to get moving on your career plan?

Then Action Plan Coaching is for you.

You are a good candidate for Action Plan Coaching if:

  • You know your career goal but are lost about where to start and how to reach your goal quickly and effectively
  • You are not organized about moving toward that goal and need to stop the confusion and start a regular step by step plan
  • You seem to be floundering around, unable to separate being busy from being effective in bringing about your career goals
  • Your current plan is not working or just too slow and you need a practical and successful alternative.

Click here to learn how Action Plan Coaching can specifically help you get a plan and get unstuck.

3. Get Hired Now! Job Search and Job Interview Coaching–Defining Your BrandCretan-labyrinth

Lost in a job search labyrinth?

  • Know the way out is networking, but the very word networking puts butterflies in your stomach?
  • Wasting time on job boards and not taking a more active role in your job search?
  • Never know what to say to job interview questions?

Most of us find job search and especially the interviews stressful if not downright painful.  If you want a simple, very effective process that takes the guesswork and stress out of preparing for interviews AND makes sure you connect with interviewers, then sign up for this coaching program. You’ll finally be able to be you during an interview–and that’s a good thing!. 

You are a good candidate for job search/interview coaching and practice if:

  • You want a job that challenges you on a new level and isn’t just a repeat of your last job
  • You don’t know what to say or ask during interviews or just get too nervous to really be yourself
  • You want to focus on the way you can really get a job in today’s social media dominated job search environment
  • You want to get a job faster, earning money sooner rather than losing that money with longer job searches.
  • You don’t really know what makes for a successful job interview that will land you the job offer (hint: it’s not about adding to your resume facts or having the right answers or showing how you’re the smartest one in the room).

Click here to learn how Job Search and Interview Coaching can specifically help you land your ideal job.

Get answers, get unstuck and start moving ahead…Free!

Get answers to all your questions about coachingand look at some initial next steps to get you unstuck by scheduling a coaching phone conversation with me. It might be the best few minutes you’ve spent on your career in a long time.There’s no sales talk and no obligation to start coaching.

Just a few minutes is often enough to start loosening up you stuck thinking and clarify next steps.

I was pleasantly surprised how Leonard was able to help me in the course of one 30 minute session. He asked me questions that quickly got to the issue and background of my situation. Leonard was able to quickly assess and understand my situation to offer advice that was very helpful and fit the situation.
-J. Allen, Learning and Development Consultant


3 Ways to Schedule Your Free Consultation:

  • Call: (612)-925-5478. 
  • Book your own consultation:  If you can schedule a lunch hour or after work time, schedule your own session with the Book Now button at the top of this page.  You’ll be clicking through a few quick screens before you reach the calendar for Beard Avenue. 
…What?..  You’ve come this far on my site, understand you can really get unstuck, and still haven’t scheduled your free consultation yet?  OK, I get it.

Sometimes it takes me time to do what I should,too, and clients tell me there’s a lot on this site to think about. But please remember–the consultation call is free and without obligation, so if you like what you’ve been seeing on this site, why not get some free help now? Ultimately, it boils down to these 3 choices for getting the career or job that most suits you: 

    1. Figure it all out by yourself (or maybe with the help of friends and family) and keep yourself accountable, motivated and on track.
    2. Do nothing and hope something better “automagically” just happens.
    3. Come up with career and job solutions with the proven support of a professional coach, (ideally specializing in career support).

Be honest with yourself. Ask which choice is realistically going to be the fastest and most reliable way for you to finally stop feeling overwhelmed, stop being stuck, out of your career frustrations, and into the job and career that’s right for you?  Why not email me today?

Need to pay over time? No problem. I offer payment plans. Or, you can chose a PayPal Credit option (click on banner below for info) if you want to get started with no initial payment and no interest for 6 months. Please–Always read the details for any credit option, and make sure it’s right for you.