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Step by Step Program to Decide Your New Career

Self Coaching E-BOOK from Career Coach Leonard Lang:   

Guide to Lifework–Working with Integrity and Heart is my quick, easy-to- follow ebook guide that gives you a complete career decision process in 4 parts. This is the same creative, original program of creative exercises I’ve used to help conference and seminar participants as well as my coaching clients. It will take you through the right steps in the right order to go from confusion and indecision to excitement about a passionate vision for your work life and a plan to make it real.

Whether you are looking for a first job, or are changing careers, Guide to Lifework will systematically take you on a series of eye-opening exercises that will lead you to the lifework that will satisfying your mind, heart, and spirit.

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Here’s what you’ll find in the book:


Chapter 1. Getting Started
EXERCISE 1: Setting Goals

Part I. WHO AM I?
Chapter 2. Your Unique Gifts
EXERCISE 2: Building on Success
EXERCISE 3—Personal Skills Inventory

Chapter 3. Your Passions
EXERCISE 4: Your First Passions Mindmap
EXERCISE 5: What I Love Most about My Passions
EXERCISE 6: Tasks Mindmap
EXERCISE 7: Passions and People

Chapter 4. Integrity and Values
EXERCISE 8: Prioritizing Your Values
EXERCISE 9: Re-evaluating Your Values

Chapter 5. Your Primary Mission
EXERCISE 10: Writing Your Core Statement
EXERCISE 11: Writing Your Lifework Summary Statement

Chapter 6. Add to Your Experience: Use Someone Else’s

Part 3. WHERE DO I WORK? (or what are my days like when I am doing my purpose?)
Chapter 7. Picture This
EXERCISE 12: Twenty-Four Hours in Your Ideal Life
EXERCISE 13: Magic Wand Test

Chapter 8. Action Plans
EXERCISE 14: Action Plan Timelines

Chapter 9. The Power of Networks
EXERCISE 15: Network Overview
EXERCISE 16: Establishing Accountability
EXERCISE 17: Planning a Sampling Experience

Chapter 10. When Bad Things Happen to Good Plans
EXERCISE 18: The Lifework Journal

Chapter 11: Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 12: Endings and Beginnings

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